The Edinburgh Fringe is officially over and long goneEdinburgh-Fringe-Festival-Logo for another year! But as the brains behind the biggest arts festival in the world start distantly considering EdFringe2019, we at OFitD are wanting to tell you about our adventures at EdFringe2018.

Although Sean and Jem went up at the beginning of the Fringe, our resident writer and every time Fringe goer Joe made it up in the last weeks of the festival. When they all got back, they swapped notes, had it out over which they thought was the best show they’d seen, and came up with a few lists. This wasn’t an easy feat, mind you; Jem was there for the shortest amount of time – a mere four days – and still managed to squeeze in 30 shows AND an art gallery. In the next few posts we’ll be bringing you the best of the best, our biggest recommendations, and our stories, so keep an eye out so you can go forth and see art outside of the Fringe!

To start off the EdFringe2018 round up, here’s each of the team’s BEST SHOW OF THEM ALL they saw out of the some 97 shows they saw between them:

The fact Sean saw this show still makes Jem crazy jealous to this day. Having seen her in a spot at the Magic Faraway Cabaret, Sean managed to squeeze this sexy, magical, hilarious woman in on one of his solo evenings. He now opens every OFitD meeting playing her record at the team. Y’know, just to rub it in Jem’s face. If you can see this great voice held by the sassiest sexiest woman from New York, do. You will never regret it (like Jem).

Lady Rizo is currently on Tour. Check out her dates on her website https://www.ladyrizo.com/events and follow her at (I) @theladyrizo (t) @ladyrizo (f) /theladyrizo .


Sean insisted that Jem finally see this cult classic, and boy did it pay off. The crazy, wild and absolutely present sarcastic dungeon master than is John Robertson leads a terrified audience through a computer game of choice whilst dressed in a flashing corset and giant gothic boots. It is gripping, thrilling, and…. all you need to know is Jem laughed so hard her jaw dislocated mid show. Support this evil genius.

John Robertson is about to go on Tour in Pakistan, UAE and OMAN, and has just released a VIDEO GAME OF THE DARK ROOM (Jem is letting out squee’s of jaw pain and Sean is grunting at how hard the game is) on Steam. You can follow Roberston at (t) @Robbotron (f) /johnrobertsoncomedy (U2b) /ThatsMrRobertson and at his website http://www.thejohnrobertson.com/


Max and Ivan always put on something special, at this point it would almost seem they don’t know how to do anything else. That said, even by the lofty expectations set forth from the buzz around their hit-show, ‘The Wrestling’, they managed to deliver the goods in an evening of Music, Beer Pong, Dara O’Brien & pissing off the top of a cheerleader pyramid. Joe even ended up on BBC iPlayer because of this show. He swears that’s not why it’s his BEST SHOW OF THEM ALL pick.

Max and Ivan can be seen as part of Free Assosciation Improv, you can find more information about that @FAImprov and you can follow them at (I) @maxandivan (t) @maxandivan (f) and at their website http://maxandivan.com/


Whilst you check out these great acts, we’ll settle our last minute squabbles to bring you our top five in the next post… Until then!

Stay Awesome,
The OFitD Team

Did you get to EdFringe2018? What was the best show you saw? Did you see any of these? Let us now in the comments section below and we can fangirl/boy/other over them together!


It’s summer! Which means its also festival season…

It’s summer! Which means its also festival season…
As is OFitD tradition, Sean and Jem will be heading to Edinburgh in the next couple of weeks for the biggest international arts festival in the world: the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.thumb_578_Masthead_mobile_default
OFitD’s first production debuted at the EdFringe Festival in 2015, and every year the company has gone back. In 2016 they sold out their second major production. In 2017 Jem got tied up in Bristol on different project, but Sean soldiered on and represented with our resident writer Joe R. This year our two Creative Producers are reuniting, and they will be bringing us exciting news from their 2018 Fringe finds and adventures. Jem and Sean have a packed schedule seeing shows from all over the speckrum, and meeting as many new faces (and catching up with some old friends) as possible.
Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be bringing you their finds and adventures, but in the meantime get to following our social accounts for up to date live action from these excited two.
Here’s a little sneak peak into some of the shows they are planning on seeing:
Brendan Burns and Colt Cabana Do Comedy and Commentary – Sean’s love of wrestling is showing here!
Battle Acts! Improvised Comedy – when at the fringe you always have to sample the best of improv comedy!
Magic Faraway Caberet – Jem is FINALLY dragging Sean to her favourite regular show at the fringe. What a treat!
Rik Carranza: Still a Fan – EdFringe is renowned for showcasing some of the best comedy in the world, so why not support funny friends making nerd jokes? Right up Jem and Sean’s streets!
Orestes – a good old friend from their uni days is making with the proper art this year and Jem and Sean are excited to see it and reconnect.
There are a whole heap of other shows they can’t wait to see, never mind the shows they will discover when they are there. So keep your peeps here and they’ll bring their news to us all very shortly….

Twitter: @ofitd
Insta: @ofitd_arts

Until next time,
Jem, Sean & the OFitD Team

Lost in Spaces has arrived!

1527363135555_LOGO 0The wait is finally over… head over to the OFitD youtube channel or follow the link below and listen to all four episodes of Lost in Spaces!


For David and Aloone (née Alan), the chance discovery of an unmapped moon is the perfect opportunity to stretch their legs and prod the unknown. But after encountering strange apparitions on the moon’s surface, and an even stranger administrator, what starts as a jolly-jaunt planet-side soon turns into perilous journey through space, time and a small bungalow in the West Midlands.

33764355_1722109744536909_5640276741030150144_oLost in Spaces stars Joseph Albanese, Joseph Askew, Sean Brady, Chloe Couper, Rhiannon Morgan and Tom Pullen with art by Heather Charters.

Created and Produced by Joe Askew, with artwork by Heather Charters.

Its also available on soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/…/s…/lost-in-spaces-all-four-episodes


Jones’ : Round TWO

Yes, that’s right, WE’RE BRINGING JONES’ : AN IMMERSIVE SHOW BACK! After an exciting and successful run of our debut London show, we’re bringing it back as part of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival.

Everyone who came to see the show on its debut run loved it, so we’ve decided to give everyone another opportunity to come party with the modern day Gatsby down in his secret cellar bar.

Jones will be in town on

9-12 & 16-19 May, 2018




Brewers Inn, 147 East Hill, London, SW18 2QB

680x514We have new drinks, new music and a new run. Speaking of new…

This is a jam packed announcement because, as part of this new run we’re in need of a couple new team members! If you are an actor, actress or director, please visit our new opportunities page and get in touch at ofitdarts@gmail.com. And as always, if you think you can get involved in some other way then please reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do.

We have a few other updates coming surrounding this run, so keep your eyes pealed. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Until next time…

Jem & The OFitD Team

New Year, New Things: an introduction to OFitD in 2018

Hello Wonderful People!

Welcome to 2018! This year is a big one for us here at One Foot in the Door and we’re not wasting any time. We have a lot of exciting things to share with you, and the first thing we’re doing to achieve that is producing regular updates.
In these updates we’ll let you know about all of the upcoming projects we’ve got on and about all of the opportunities that come along with them, so if you’re wanting to keep up to date make sure you’ve subscribed to our website and you’ll be the first to know about everything One Foot in the Door.

Jemma working hard..What is One Foot in the Door Productions?
The first thing we want to do with these updates is let everyone know exactly what we are about and what we want to do. So, to get everyone up to speed…

One Foot in the Door Productions is a creative collective based across the UK, but our network is not restricted by country borders. If you are creative and want to get involved, no matter where you are in the world, then throw us an email at ofitdarts@gmail.com or a tweet @ofitd with what you have to bring and we’ll get you involved. We are a collective, and members come and go on a project by project basis. The OFitD collective is led by Jemma Rowlston and Sean Brady as the Creative Producers, as well as Louise Barclay Johnson as the General Manager. It’s their role to guide productions, make sure there is a program of projects within the collective and keep all the paperwork and budgets in check.
OfitD came together with the aim to continue being creative once leaving the bubble of university. Our long-term goal being to open a community multi-arts centre with versatile studio spaces, programs and opportunities, in order give artists of any medium a place to come together and create.
There are no limitations in the collective: no project too big or too little! We’re always looking to try new things. We’re more than just theatre, and we’ll venture into any medium that suits a project best – whether that’s a radio play or web series. OFitD strives to never avoid any creative medium.

So, What’s Coming Up Next?
We’ll update you properly on the projects we have coming up very soon, but for now here’s a whirlwind tour…

Jones had a dream to one day own the coolest, best bar in London. Today, with his best friend Nat, he runs that bar. He gave up everything to follow his destiny. It seemed fated that he ends up here one day, but when new information comes to light and the long-lost love of his life reappears he has to make the decision: give in to ‘fate’ or make his own destiny.

This is a comedic immersive show commissioned by The Brewers Inn, Wandsworth, London. It is due to play from Jan 29th – Feb 3rd 2018 (but not playing on Jan 31st). Tickets for this show are available by calling box office – 02088744128 or by emailing us at ofitdarts@gmail.com
And more information can be found on both our facebook page and website.

Just Don’t Call it Jumanji
Alex has always wanted her life to be just like an 80s movie. Everything was so much better, so much rawer and so much more genuine than it is now in a world full of mobile phones and Facebook. She is an absolute 80s film buff, which comes in handy when she wakes up in an 80s movie trivia game where the only way out is to live through 80s films.
This is a whimsy, funny, reference packed love letter of a theatre production that will play on the fringe circuit and anywhere it can stick its nose into. Currently it’s in its final script edit before we go into production. More soon…

Lost in Spaces
For David and Aloone (née Alan), the chance discovery of an unmapped moon is the perfect opportunity to stretch their legs and prod the unknown. But after encountering strange apparitions on the moon’s surface, and an even stranger administrator, what starts as a jolly-jaunt planet-side soon turns into perilous journey through space, time and a small bungalow in the West Midlands.

With shades of Hitchhiker’s Guide and more synths than frankly appropriate, Lost in Spaces is a new, four-part audio play currently in production to be released digitally later this year. Created by Joe Askew, produced in partnership with OFitD with illustrations by Jessica De Kroon, we’re excited to be offering all four parts completely free, so there’ll really be no excuse!

There’s even more in the pipeline for the year to come, so watch this space! Don’t forget you can also keep up-to-date with all of our work by following us on facebook and twitter.

Email – ofitdarts@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/ofitd

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/ofitd

Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcfdEmcJVkdbyUltP3IfCew

How to… with Jem

Hello Wonderful People!

After a long period of planning, scheming and plotting we’re finally back on the releasing wagon! And this time it’s online, so you can enjoy whenever and wherever you are. Boy have we got some exciting new things for you!

The first new venture we’d like to introduce to you is our new series:
How to… With Jem

In these videos, Jem will give tips, hints and guides on how to best get by in life and in the pro world. Whether it be how to get your foot in the door (pun intended?) or explaining how things in the arts, film and theatre world work, these videos will help you be the best you that you can be. We’ll be aiming to post these every two weeks.

We hope you enjoy these videos as much we do, and find them useful! And if there is anything you want a video on, then let us know!

– Jem and the OFitD Team