Debuting at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016, MySelf(ie) was also One Foot in the Door’s professional debut.

‘Social Media, twisted as it may be, Holds so much possibility…’ MySelf(ie) is an interactive installation performance exploring the role of the internet and social media in our lives. It’s funny, it’s risky and it lets you into our social media lives in a way you’re never been let in before.

What role does social media play in the life of an average twenty something? Is it really helping us become more tolerant, knowledgeable and globally informed individuals? Or are we in danger of losing ourselves in a jumble of hashtags, memes and cat videos?

Explore these questions in a very personal and intimate way: bringing the voice of many to one single, out of the box, terribly fun show.

Devisers: Jemma Rowlston, Dan Morgan, Hope Dowsett, Sean Brady, Libby Daniel & Nick Saunders

Debut: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015

Original Cast: Jemma Rowlston, Dan Morgan, Hope Dowsett & Sean Brady

MySelf(ie) – Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015 Playlist