Lost in Spaces has arrived!

1527363135555_LOGO 0The wait is finally over… head over to the OFitD youtube channel or follow the link below and listen to all four episodes of Lost in Spaces!


For David and Aloone (née Alan), the chance discovery of an unmapped moon is the perfect opportunity to stretch their legs and prod the unknown. But after encountering strange apparitions on the moon’s surface, and an even stranger administrator, what starts as a jolly-jaunt planet-side soon turns into perilous journey through space, time and a small bungalow in the West Midlands.

33764355_1722109744536909_5640276741030150144_oLost in Spaces stars Joseph Albanese, Joseph Askew, Sean Brady, Chloe Couper, Rhiannon Morgan and Tom Pullen with art by Heather Charters.

Created and Produced by Joe Askew, with artwork by Heather Charters.

Its also available on soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/…/s…/lost-in-spaces-all-four-episodes


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