Survived another Edinburgh Fringe

Hello wonderful people!

There are some very cool and interesting things on the horizon here at One Foot in the Door Productions, the first being these new little updates! We have a small family of you who follow us and we know it’s nice to know what’s happening before it happens, so we’ll be blogging and vlogging a little more often from now on in. As regularly as we can we’ll be posting updates on what we are doing and where (and even how you can get involved!) here on the OFitD website and through all of our channels. This comes as a result of the first big announcement. Drum roll please!

After the awesome success of Cats and Dogs Give the Best Advice at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016 (thank you!), we have decided not to take a show to EdFringe this year. For the past two years we have taken shows and we’ve loved every moment of it, but we’re feeling a change in the wind for what we do this year. We want to thank everyone who supported us in living the EdFringe dream over the past two years, from Spotlites who hosted the crazy puppets of Cats and Dogs, to those wonderful stars who gave us a helping hand flyering out in the sun (you know who you are!), to the casts and crews whom we couldn’t have taken the shows without, and to you, the people who have supported us, seen our shows and just liked our posts to make us feel like we’re not just doing this all for ourselves. You have all been astonishing and we want to thank you for helping us cross EdFringe off of our bucket list (for now!).

BUT this means some very exciting things for both you and us. As we won’t be pouring all of our energy into one big show to be seen primarily by audiences in Scotland in the middle of the summer, we are now able to create more regular, more diverse work. We’re stepping up to our name of being a production company this year and have many projects on the go now. We’ll be announcing the detail of these very soon, so keep an eye out!

For now through, we’d like to say thank you again for all of your support – it means the world to us – and stay tuned for some exciting new developments in the world of One Foot in the Door Productions.

– Jem & Sean

Published by OFitD

One Foot in the Door Productions is based across the UK, but our network is not restricted by country borders. If you are creative and want to get involved, no matter where you are in the world, then throw us an email at or a tweet @ofitd with what you have to bring and we’ll get you involved. We are a collective, and members come and go on a project by project basis. OFitD is led by Jemma Rowlston, Sean Brady and Jozef Raczka as the Creative Producers. It’s their role to guide productions, make sure there is a program of projects within the collective and keep all the paperwork and budgets in check. OfitD came together with the aim to continue being creative once leaving the bubble of university. Our long-term goal being to open a community multi-arts centre with versatile studio spaces, programs and opportunities, in order give artists of any medium a place to come together and create. There are no limitations in the company: no project too big or too little! We're always looking to try new things. We're more than just theatre, and we’ll venture into any medium that suits a project best - whether that’s a radio play or web series. OFitD strives to never avoid any creative medium.

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