OFitD Just Got a Little Bigger

Hello you Wonders!
In the last update we talked about producing more projects and bringing more diversity to the material we create. To do so we’ve been hard at work wracking our brains and talking to many people and we’d like to announce a little expansion to the OFitD team! We have doubled our ranks to become Sean, Jem, Louise and Joe!

13988177_10210756123565201_4245802874756778607_oLouise Barclay Johnson was instrumental in getting Cats and Dogs Give the Best Advice off the ground and keeping Jem sane whilst doing so. She’s a sparky company manager and the lady who sees no barriers in achieving your dreams. We’re thrilled to have her on board in a more official capacity.

IMG_3482.JPGJozef Raczka has joined the team as our resident writer and whiskey drinker. With skills in improvisation and timing the perfect off-hand comment, Joe will be using his extensive writing skills and training to give us the best scripts possible.

Joe and Louise have all worked with us in the past, Joe stemming from Aberystwyth University and Louise joining us from Jem’s meddling in the North of England. We are very excited to have them on the team on a more permanent basis. They’re going to help free us up for some interesting work, as well as bring their own unique spark to the mix.

Don’t worry however; if you’d like to get involved here at One Foot in the Door Productions we’re still excited to see what you’ve got! Get in touch at onefootinthedoorarts@gmail.com or reach out on facebook or twitter. We’d love to hear what you can bring.

For now though, we’re steam rolling ahead with big plans and even bigger dreams. Stay tuned!
–    The OFitD Crew

Published by OFitD

One Foot in the Door Productions is based across the UK, but our network is not restricted by country borders. If you are creative and want to get involved, no matter where you are in the world, then throw us an email at ofitdarts@gmail.com or a tweet @ofitd with what you have to bring and we’ll get you involved. We are a collective, and members come and go on a project by project basis. OFitD is led by Jemma Rowlston, Sean Brady and Jozef Raczka as the Creative Producers. It’s their role to guide productions, make sure there is a program of projects within the collective and keep all the paperwork and budgets in check. OfitD came together with the aim to continue being creative once leaving the bubble of university. Our long-term goal being to open a community multi-arts centre with versatile studio spaces, programs and opportunities, in order give artists of any medium a place to come together and create. There are no limitations in the company: no project too big or too little! We're always looking to try new things. We're more than just theatre, and we’ll venture into any medium that suits a project best - whether that’s a radio play or web series. OFitD strives to never avoid any creative medium.

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